Rug-Ed Products for K-12

Since 2012, our protective, ergonomic, and durable cases have helped extend the life and usability of devices in the classroom. Our integrated mobile product solutions provide district leaders a worry-free mobile device deployment strategy to protect classroom devices against accidental drops, bumps, and scratches while adding a color pop to inspire learning and creative expression. To learn more about our K-12 solutions, please contact our Sales team at
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"Our School District has approximately 6,000 iPads that go home with students each day. The district has been a customer of Rug-Ed for several years and utilized the Rug-Ed iPad case for approximately 1/3 of its devices for over 3 years. The case holds up well to student use, cannot be easily removed, is protective, and cost effective."
Director of Technology, School District in Michigan
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"The ProLock case is peace of mind! If you want your student to create, explore and collaborate you need to ensure that they are focused on that! I can't afford to spend have the class babying the iPad, I need my students learning the moment they walk in. That's why peace of mind is so important. It allows me and the students to focus on the learning and not the tool."
Eric Crouch, 5th Grade Teacher
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"Last summer, the district made the investment to re-case all of its remaining 1:1 student iPads into the Rug-Ed case. The reduction in damage has been monumental. In prior years, the District averaged approximately 1,000 broken screens per year. So far this school year, with the Rug-Ed case being installed on all devices, we have experienced just under 200 broke screens. Rug-Ed not only has a durable iPad case, they also deliver excellent customer service. I would not hesitate in recommending the Rug-Ed case to any environment that wants to provide the utmost level of protection for its iPad inventory. "
Director of Technology, School District in Michigan
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"My 3rd graders and I absolutely love using iPads in our classroom and even on the playground to explore and learn! I have used the cases for the past 3 years and they are still going strong! They are so durable and functional! The handle is great for carrying the iPad around and the stand is perfect for displaying students' work around the classroom. Definitely a game-changer!"
Katherine Gillespie, 3rd Grade Teacher
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"Having Rug-Ed ProLOCK cases on my classroom iPads has made my fear of hearing that 'boom' as one falls to the ground go away. I no longer need to worry about my students, as young as five, walking around the classroom with an iPad. The iPads feel secure and my students love that there is a handle on the case. The adjustable stand makes using the iPad easier for students, as the screen is propped up."
Dena Orfanitopoulos, K-4 Enrichment/Tech Teacher, Miss Tech Queen
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"Our staff found the ProLOCK case to provide fantastic ergonomic options for the vast range of users in our K-12 environment. Additionally, the quality of the product and the protection provided in our purchase added tremendous value. Overall, the addition of the iRug-ed case to our large scale deployment of iPads have resulted in increased confidence that our investment will be protected for years to come."
Director of Technology Operations, School District in Virginia

Rug-Ed Accidental Damage Protection

ProLOCK Case + Repair Service Bundle

3rd Party Insurance

  • High insurance premium
  • Additional deductible cost and limited repairs allowed
  • Tedious asset tracking and administrative back up
  • Deductible payments are often owed by parents and uncollectible
  • Students experience long wait times for device return

Rug-Ed Case/Repair Bundle

  • Zero-deductible and unlimited repairs
  • Custom software provides seamless repair management
  • Unlimited warranty & parts replacement while under coverage
  • Fast repair turnaround

Eliminate tiresome handling issues for your staff by deploying the ProLOCK case that includes iPad repair. Repair coverage plans are ideal for K12 deployments or any large scale 1:1 device rollout. Sit back and relax with the security of our repair service plans.


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