Our integrated solutions feature our ProLOCK case, designed to lock the iPad in place for ultimate asset protection. Once deployed, the device cannot be removed from its case by the student.

Our service also includes device repair if the iPad does break while under contract. In addition, if any ProLOCK case breaks under our agreement, we will replace it for free.

Our promise is simple. We create integrated mobile product solutions to help district leaders cultivate vast opportunities of high-tech careers and dynamic learning among their students. We collaborate with school districts to ensure optimal success and execution of their district’s mobile device deployment strategy.

We understand the challenge faced by districts to fund leading edge instructional technology. The process and management is complex. The proposals to school boards are tedious and almost always account for damage rates and returns.

What options do you have? In this common scenario, school districts must bear the cost of purchasing a case and a separate insurance-like coverage plan to mitigate the likelihood of loss due to damage and repairs. Is it economical? No. Is it sustainable? No. That’s where Rug-Ed ProLOCK enters.

We offer district leadership an all-inclusive plan that includes the case and zero deductible repair. No need for a separate insurance and case option. Tremendous savings.