Before You Give Up on Your New Year's Resolution, Read This

Symbolically, the new year is a chance to make a fresh start on personal or professional endeavors. However, whether your goals are simple or ambitious, New Year's resolutions are often difficult to keep for various reasons ranging from simply forgetting them to struggling to track meaningful progress. 

When broken down, a resolution is a habit you are trying to create that will help you reach a bigger goal by the end of the year. The key to setting a good resolution or goal is to be as concrete about what you want to achieve as possible. Once you have your list, it's time to get SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-constrained. Your resolutions should be clearly defined, challenging but still within your reach, possible to achieve with your current schedule, with a firm time limit attached. For example, suppose your goal is to read more books this year. In that case, your goal shouldn't be "read more" -- it should be to set aside 10 minutes to an hour (specific, measurable, achievable, a realistic commitment) each day (time constraint) to read until you've read your desired number of books.

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Once you set resolutions like this they become more accessible, especially when you pair them with apps to keep you on track. Below are our favorite ways to leverage apps and tools you might already use to keep you on track to meet your New Year's resolutions. 


 A Lock Screen Reminder

  • Write down your goals in your notes app and take a screenshot. Set that screenshot as your phone's lock screen. Every time you check your phone, your goals are right there.



  • stickK is an app that encourages you to stick to your goal or pay up. Set up your goals, attach a dollar amount, choose a destination such as charity and recruit someone to keep you accountable. If you meet your goal, you pay nothing, but if you miss your goals, the dollar amount you set will come out of your pocket.

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Google Calendar

  • Set up a digital calendar invite to remind of your goal milestones or even to remind you of what your goals are. While it's easy to remember your resolutions in January, it might be a little harder to remember as time goes on. Little periodic reminders will help you stay on track.


  • Structured is an app that helps you visually plan and time block your day, set recurring tasks, and track your progress. If your resolution requires changing up your daily routine, this is the app for you.


Let us know your goals for 2023 and helpful tips you have to track your progress! 



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