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As a husband, father of two (and one on the way) and freelance filmmaker and photographer, my time and attention are constantly pulled in a number of different directions. It’s become increasingly important to find ways to disconnect from life’s busy hustle, especially to take time away and spend quality time with my wife.

We don’t usually get to have a whole weekend to ourselves, so when an opportunity arose, we went all out. We left our kids with my in-laws and got ourselves a beautiful A-frame cabin with a gorgeous lake view.

Our first morning there was dark, wet, and super moody. We stayed inside cozied up in our cabin while sipping on plenty of coffee and listening to some Indie tunes; it was such an awesome, slow paced morning and the perfect way to start our weekend together. It gave us the opportunity to have some fun being "just us” again and shoot some photos inside the photogenic cabin, while also having some quiet time as we watched rain turn to into a couple hailstorms complete with thunder, lightning and lots of wind.

I also always bring my iPad Pro with me when I travel, paired up with the Journey Case from Rug-Ed, for that extra protection! So, during some of our indoor downtime, I enjoyed either playing some chess or catching up on some scripts I need to read while my wife read her book or prepared us a yummy snack. Having zero distractions on a weekend like this was completely rejuvenating.

Photo: Sam Ciurdar

Once the sun came out mid-afternoon, we were able to take a staircase down to a private dock where we sat in chairs just soaking in the view and the warmth from the sun, in awe at how stormy it was just an hour before. In one day we went from rain, thunder, lightning, intense winds, and hail to sunshine with not a cloud in the sky. We’re still getting used to this unpredictable weather in North Idaho and yet loving every minute of it! The transition between seasons here always brings such excitement (and plenty of weather)! 

We ended our weekend by inviting our kids to come up and share the last evening with us. Two nights away from them and we really wanted them to share this experience with us; it’s been so long since we had an adventure together like this! Our 5 and 3 year old loved it and we all went home the next day (mostly) ready to get back to real life, refueled and rejuvenated! What a gift the weekend was for us as a couple and family.




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