Using a Rug-Ed Case for Your iPad

Dr. Monica Burns, a former classroom teacher, speaker and author, shares her favorite EdTech resources for K-12 classrooms through her blog: Working with her, we sent her one of our ProLOCK iPad case for her feedback and review, and this is what she shared with her audience.

"Do you use a protective case on student iPads? As a teacher, keeping student devices intact was one of my many classroom management challenges. In my classroom, we had a routine for taking devices out of the cart and bringing them to a learning space.

Whether students were sitting side-by-side on the rug, or working independently at their desks, there were lots of ways we used iPads over the course of the school day.

Now that my role has changed, I still spend lots of time in classrooms. Students who try their best to use devices responsibility can have a slip-up. If you’re anything like me, just like when I think I’m being careful, I still manage to drop my phone, iPad, and laptop.

I first connected with the folks at Rug-Ed a few years ago. They reached out to send me one of their cases. I was super impressed with the durability and even gifted one to my dad for his own personal device. In this blog post, I want to share some information on their ProLOCK case. If you are on the hunt for a new protective case for student devices, you’ll want to check this out!"

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