Keeping Your iPad Safe with a ProLOCK Mini iPad Case

Thank you Sabrina of Coupon WAHM for sharing your review of our ProLOCK iPad Mini case! We love hearing thoughts from our community of moms and families!

"If you’re a mom like me. You would probably agree that electronics are becoming more and more prominent in our society, even in school. We recently moved our children to public school after the closing of their Christian School and was pleasantly surprised when we were told that the children had their on chrome books for use at school. The downside to this is, they aren’t’ able to bring them home. So what did we do? My husband and I went on a quest to find the most cost-efficient device on the market and fortunately for us, we were able to purchase an iPad Mini so they would be able to access their homework and study notes. Although we got a great deal on the tablet. We look at the device as an investment because it definitely was not cheap. And we sure can’t afford to replace it due to accidental mishaps. That’s why I”m super excited about an iPad case that I recently received from Rug-Ed called the ProLOCK Mini..."


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