A Look Back at 2020: What's Changed & What's New?

Over the past year, people have experienced remote learning, remote work, and digital transformation and adoption in more ways than one. This development has transcended the space of our homes, daily interactions with family and friends, how we work, how we learn, how we shop, and how we communicate. 

We saw the rise of mobile/web applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Trello, and other online communication and project management tools gain popularity during the pandemic. We saw how businesses, schools, and families rapidly pivoted to remote teaching, distance learning, and working from home. 

The demand for interconnectivity in a remote world became more prevalent; and the surge of digital adoption transformed the core of how we conducted business, how we operated, how we communicated, and how we engaged with one another.

Yes, the changes were abrupt and the times were unprecedented, but the evolution of what resulted from this change is why we’re here to celebrate: 

You SHARED the wins of digital tools to enhance technology in the classroom.



You INSPIRED us with your enthusiasm and dedication to innovate the way you teach so our students could learn, create, and innovate.

You DISCOVERED new ways to experience travel, learn, and engage with family and friends on and off the road, in the great outdoors, and so much more.


In a year of change, we EMBRACED change. We took this time to develop new products with you in mind, brew those ideas to life and step forward with innovation in mind. 


This Fall, we will be introducing our new Journey case! Complete with our SwivelRing design, the new cases are enhanced with a new handle that provides 360° rotational capacity for comfortable typing and hand-free viewing, 180° adjustable stand that converts into a handle, and a sleeker design with sophisticated color ways. 

Follow us on Instagram for more live updates on the Journey case, our upcoming pre-sale, and so much more! For questions and more information about our Journey case, contact us here.



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