Rug-Ed & Avaz AAC Discussion and Live Q&A

About Avaz:

Avaz is a picture and text-based AAC app that empowers children and adults with complex communication needs to express themselves and learn. Expressing thoughts, whenever and wherever, increases their confidence in their abilities. From communicating that they are happy to participating and learning in the classroom, Avaz helps with all!

We met Avaz during our Autism Awareness Month campaign with Jasmynn & Lily's Voice. From our first meeting, we aligned our interests in supporting the AAC community. 

Join us Saturday, September 24 at 11am EST for a 1-hour live webinar regarding Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to debunk popular myths and watch a demo of Avaz, an AAC app! 

What you'll take away from the event:

💡 A greater knowledge of AAC

💡 An overview of Avaz's picture-based AAC app

💡 Resources for K-12 schools and Non-profit Organizations interested in AAC-affirming tools

💡 Exclusive discounts 

💡 The opportunity to network with the global AAC community 

💡 A chance to win a giveaway curated by Rug-Ed & Avaz featuring items from Naomi Meredith, The Communication Classroom, Emily Diaz, and The Type B SLP, Abigail Long.

This event is for SLPs, educators, and Non-Profit Organizations. We encourage you to leave questions for us about features you'd like to explore and any other questions you would like to bring forth. We will be answering your questions in a live Q&A.

Register for the webinar at the link to enter the giveaway and to receive a recording:

Rug-Ed x Avaz Webinar Giveaway
Click to read about our partnership with Jasmynn’s Voice and Lilly's Voice



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