Top 7 Educational iPad Apps for Moms

In collaboration with mom blogger, Lauren Blixrud, she shares her favorite educational iPad Apps for all moms and kids to keep the kiddos learning and engaged in the new world of hybrid learning! 

"Whew, we officially survived the first few days of hybrid learning! We’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions (as I’m sure everyone has been) ever since they started to figure out what school would look like this year, so it’s a relief to finally be at this point. When it comes to hybrid learning our school said their home days would be less structured and they would only be providing optional activities for the kids to complete. Of course we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to ensure Berit is getting the best education even when it’s from home but with both Brandon and I working full time we need options that will allow us to focus on both. I found myself doing a lot of research on online learning options whether it’s apps or website subscriptions to make sure she’s getting a wide variety of fun curriculum.

I’m not going to lie, our girls do not use a lot of technology. We don’t have any gaming systems, we don’t have cable and they don’t know what Youtube is, let alone most of the gaming apps. Now, I have nothing against these things and we have never had restrictions on screen time, so they do not see it as a novelty and therefore, don’t really ask for their gadgets much. That being said, when they do ask for some screen time we try incorporate educational content whenever possible. Especially when it comes to the games they play, they don’t know they’re educational too and they still love playing them! Perfect for the distance learning days when I need to keep Berit engaged and occupied while I also juggle working from home.

Along with our favorite apps for kids, I asked my teacher friends what their favorite go-to apps were and complied a list of them all for you here."

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