A Kindergarten Teacher's Look at Our ProLOCK 9.7 iPad Case

Kindergarten teacher in Southern California, Hadar, tried, tested, and surprises her readers with her thoughts and reviews on our ProLOCK 9.7 iPad case. If you're looking for hands-on, engaging kindergarten activities, check out her blog post below and browse her blog for tried and true kindergarten resources! 

"When it comes to using iPads in the classroom, a durable case is a MUST! Recently, I received the Rug-Ed ProLock 9.7 to test out and it did not disappoint! It has all the necessities of a protective iPad case but is not bulky or heavy. I’m excited to have found this amazing case and share with you all my favorite things about it!

The ProLOCK 9.7 is super lightweight but incredibly durable! I especially appreciate the handle which makes it really easy to carry around and reduces the risk of dropping {but it’s nice that the iPad case comes equipped with bumper corners to provide superior drop protection in case it is dropped, an absolute must for little hands!} The handle also allows for easy handling during a presentation or collaborative work.

My two-year-old daughter was excited to test out the iPad at home! She was easily able to carry it around the room and the free tempered-glass screen protector gave me peace of mind from the iPad getting damaged or direct screen impact. The stand held the iPad at the perfect angle for her and she learned quickly how to push the stand in when it was time to put the iPad away..."

Read the full article here: https://misskindergarten.com/using-rug-ed-ipad-case/