Texas Customer

Virginia Customer

Michigan Customer

“We like the fact that the iPad gets locked into the case so the kids can’t remove it. We have bought some pretty expensive cases in the past, only to have kids switch them out after a few months of use, often for ones that are not as protective. Having all of the repair included has saved us a lot of inconvenience as we don’t have to worry about deductible collection or repair shop invoices.”


Virginia Customer

Rug-Ed: Why did you specifically select Rug-Ed Products Inc. as your protection partner?

Virginia Customer: Our staff found the Rug-Ed case to provide fantastic ergonomic options for the vast range of users in our K-12 environment. Additionally, the quality of the product and the protection provided in our purchase added tremendous value. Overall, the addition of the Rug-Ed case to our large scale deployment of iPads have resulted in increased confidence that our investment will be protected for years to come.

Rug-Ed: What are your teachers and students saying?

Virginia Customer: The staff have received many compliments on the case. Many staff are asking where they could purchase a case for personal use. Students are enjoying the ergonomics of the case and the ability to utilize the iPad stand also provided. Lastly, teachers and school administrators have been impressed with the quality of the case and the value provided by the protection guarantee.

Rug-Ed: If a potential school district was on the fence about whether to purchase the Rug-Ed case with iPad repair or not, what would you say to them?

Virginia Customer: Rug-Ed Products has been a fantastic partner to our school district. They have exceeded expectations throughout the entire process. The company and staff are knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. I have been extremely satisfied with the product and the process. Contact Rug-Ed Products if you want to find a product and partner that will remove a bit of stress from your already complicated iPad deployments.